Live Game of thrones Tournament

Live Game of Thrones Tournament

€7,500 in cash prizes

Competition brings thrill and excitement to all casino environments, this is why live tournaments at Celtic Casino have grown in popularity and players have become highly skillful as well. If you have the skills of a fierce contender then now is your chance to prove how good you are at live casino games by joining the Live Game of Thrones Tournament.

The Live Game of Thrones Tournament is an annual event designed to gather the strongest adversaries of live casino gaming online worldwide in order to play together and battle for a spot within the top 28 rankings entitled to a cash prize. So, whether if you earn a first place or twenty fifth place on the player rankings a cash prize will be waiting for you.

A cash prize of €3500 per month will be given to the 1st place winner, €1500 to 2nd place, €500 to 3rd place, €200 for 4th to 8th place, €100 for 9th to 13th place and €50 for 14th to 28th place. Cash prizes have DO have wagering requirements per bonus terms and conditions.


The tournament schedule is as follows:

  • April 1st through May 15th 2018: ALL Live Dealer Games


As a participant you'll be receiving daily leader board statuses during the length of the tournament event. In order to earn tournament points your wagering activity must be done with real money on the specific live dealer game for each month. Your total in wagers will determine the amount of points. In other words, for every euro/pound wagered a point is earned, this means a 100 euro/pound bet gives you 100 points regardless if you win or lose.

That's it. You will automatically receive points for every real money wager you place on any of the live casino games hosted during the tournament. 

In addition, qualifying players receive periodic updates via email on tournament statistics. The leader board of the tournament is also available: LEADER BOARD FOR LIVE TOURNAMENTS


Conditions & Restrictions:

  • Real money deposits qualify.
  • Cash prizes have no wagering requirements.
  • For every €1 wagered, 1 point will be awarded in the tournament.
  • Bonus funds wagered qualify for tournament points yet wagering requirements are applicable and must be completed prior from withdrawing cash prizes if ranked on the top 25.
  • Mixed casino tournament held between players from Celtic Casino and Fairway Casino.
  • No limit to the amount of deposits, withdrawals of winnings.
  • All bonuses are subject to our standard terms and conditions.