Game Features

Banker always qualifies and can never fold


In Texas Hold'em the object is to obtain a higher ranking poker hand than the dealer, using your own two cards as well as the five community cards on the table to create the best 5-card poker hand.

Game Rules

  • The game is played with one 52-card deck, shuffled before each round.
  • The Table Limits sign indicates the minimum and maximum Ante bet limit.
  • The Flop bet is double the Ante bet.
  • The Turn and River bets are equal to the Ante bet.
  • Payouts are made according to the paytable.
  • To view the Paytable, move the pointer over the Table Limits sign.

How to Play

  1. Place an Ante bet and click the Deal button.
  2. Two cards are dealt face up to you, and two cards face down to the dealer.
  3. You must either call the Flop bet to continue or fold and surrender the Ante bet.
  4. If you choose to call the Flop, three community cards are dealt face up.
  5. At this point you can choose to make a Turn bet, or check to continue without any additional bet.
  6. A fourth community card is dealt face up.
  7. You can choose to make a River bet, or check to continue without any additional bet.
  8. A fifth community card is dealt face up and the showdown between player and dealer evaluated.


  • Using the 2 initial cards and the 5 community cards, the system will identify the best 5-card poker hands for both yourself and the dealer.
  • The 5-card poker hand with the higher poker ranking wins. Standard 5-card poker hand rankings are used.
  • Hands of equal value are a tie. These are hands in which all 5 cards in use are of the same value.
  • The four suits have equal value, there is no additional ranking order for suits.
  • Note: The Ante bet pays only if you have a straight or higher.

Tips for Play

  • To make an Ante bet, select a chip and then click in the Ante bet area.
  • To remove a bet, you can use the Clear Bets button or you can hold down the Shift button on your keyboard and click on the chip in the bet area.
  • To begin a hand you must place an Ante bet and then click the Deal button.
  • Various action buttons will appear as you play through the hand.

Hand Values

In Texas Hold'em each player receives two personal cards (not visible to other players) which are often referred to as "pocket cards" or "hole cards". Each player combines his two cards with the five community cards that are placed face up in the centre of the table. The community cards are often called "the board".

A player's hand can be made up of:
2 pocket cards + 3 board cards, 1 pocket card + 4 board cards, 0 pocket cards + 5 board cards

Below you'll find the table of standard poker hand rankings. The highest ranking hand appears at the top of the table. Remember, suits all have the same value!

Texas Hold'em Hands

Hand Description

Graphic Example

Royal Flush:

10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace of the same suit

Straight Flush:

A straight with all five cards in the same suit. If more than one player has a straight flush, the player with the highest card(s) wins.

Four of a Kind:

Four cards of the same number or face value ("quads")

Full House:

Three cards of one number or face value, and two cards of another number or face value. If more than one player has a full house, the full house with the highest ranking three of a kind wins.


Five cards of the same suit. If there is more than one flush, the hand with the highest card(s) wins.


Five cards, of any suit, in sequence. An Ace can be used in the highest straight (10, J, Q, K, A) and the lowest straight (A, 2, 3, 4, 5).

Three of a Kind:

Three cards of the same number or face value ("trips")

Two Pair:

2 pairs of cards with the same face value. If two players have 2 pair, the hand with the highest pair wins. If they have the same high pair, whoever has the second highest pair wins. If they have the same 2 pair, whoever has the highest fifth card (the "kicker") wins. When there is an absolute tie on all 5 cards the bets will be pushed.


Two cards of the same number or face value. If two players have the same pair, the highest outside card(s) wins.

High Card:

The hand with the highest card(s) wins.

Game Messages

During the course of game play, you will be assisted by game messages, buttons and other elements. The value of your hand as each card comes out will be displayed so that you always know the poker ranking of your hand.

Texas Hold'em Glossary: know the terms of the game

Ace + Ace = Bullets
Ace + King = Big Slick
Ace + Jack = Ajax
King + King = Cowboys
King + Queen = Marriage
King + Jack = Kojak
King + 9 = Canine
Queen + Queen = Ladies
Queen + Jack = Maverick
Queen + 7 = Computer Hand
Jack + Jack = Jokers
Jack + 9 = T.J. Cloutier
Jack + 5 = Jackson
10 + 5 = Five and dime
10 + 2 = Doyle Brunson
9 + 9 = Meat hooks
8 + 8 = Snowmen
7 + 7 = Hockey Sticks
7 + 2 = The Hammer
5 + 5 = Speed Limit
5 + 4 = Jesse James
4 + 4 = Sailboats
2 + 2 = Ducks

Game Options

You can turn on and off the game audio using the "speaker" button at the bottom right of the game panel.