ECO Card


Eco Card is a virtual wallet that has been providing a safe and fast online payment method since the year 2000. It allows you to transfer your funds to and from your Eco Card account to and from your Celtic Casino account. You may transfer funds into your Eco Card account via your credit card, or via a bank transfer. With Eco Card you benefit by having a simple registration, free of charge transfer of funds, real-time transactions, and easy usage. Once you have funded your Eco Card account to your Celtic Casino account, you will be able to play our real live casino games for real money.

Deposits: Minimum Amount: €5 (per transaction)

Deposits: Maximum Amount: €2500 (per transaction)

How to use Eco Card

  1. First you will need to open an account with Eco Card. Here is a link to their web site:
  2. Follow the REGISTER link once the web site.
  3. Submit your e-mail address, your personal information and create a Moneybookers password.
  4. Once you have successfully been registered, you will then be able to fund your Eco Card account via credit card or bank transfer.
  5. Once you have successfully deposited money into your Eco Card account, you may then proceed to transfer your funds from there into your Celtic Casino account.
  6. You may do this through the "Deposit" link once you have logged in to "My Account". You may also find the same "Deposit Money" link in the "Financial Transactions" page once you have logged in.
  7. In the Deposit Form you will need to choose Eco Card as the online payment option.
  8. Enter your Eco Card number and your Eco Card password.
  9. Submit the amount of funds you wish to transfer from your Moneybookers account.
  10. Press the "Submit" button and within a few moments you will receive the transaction confirmation.
  11. When you wish to make a withdrawal using Eco Card, you must first log in to "My Account". Once you have logged in to your Celtic Casino account you will see the "Withdrawal" link. Follow this link and it will then take you to a form where you choose to transfer your funds from your Celtic Casino account into your Eco Card account.